In addition to the financial support from our donors and funders, we rely heavily on the items donated for our families by our volunteers and supporters.

The following items would be greatly appreciated:

Basic needs for current guests

  • New pillows

  • Pampers (all sizes)

  • Socks, T-Shirts, and underwear for men and women

  • Full size toiletries

  • Age and gender specific toiletry bags

Current guest personal needs

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash & dental floss

  • Deodorant & lotion

  • Feminine products (all types & sizes)

  • Soap (all types - bar soap, body wash, hand soap, etc)

  • Hair products, including shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, etc

  • Baby Wipes

  • Shaving Kits

Quality of life needs for current and recently transitioned guests


  • Wal-Mart & Target gift cards

  • Supermarket gift cards

  • Gas cards


Housewarming Baskets

When families graduate into housing, they often need the very basic necessities to get started. Our hope is to send every family into their new home with a “Welcome Home Basket.” Baskets can be assembled and brought to our Day Center, or funds can be donated to create the basket. We estimate that each basket cost roughly $100.

Welcome Home Baskets Contents (assembled in the laundry basket)  


  • Laundry basket

  • Laundry detergent

  • Set of bath towels

  • Toilet paper

  • Hand soap

  • Dish soap

Graduating Family Needs  

When a family graduates from the program, they generally need to fill their new home. Family Promise of Bryan County collects donated furniture and household items which we store until a family graduates. The following is a list of all the things a family furnishing their new home might need: 


  • Full/twin size beds and bed frames

  • Sofas, loveseats and chairs

  • Dining tables and chairs

  • Dressers & chest of drawers

  • Book cases & shelves

  • TVs

  • Dishes & glasses

Day Center Needs  


  • Laundry supplies, including detergent, bleach & dryer sheets

  • Toilet paper, paper towels & facial tissue

  • Dishwasher detergent & liquid dish soap

  • Trash bags, kitchen size

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Bath towels & wash cloths

  • Adult & travel size pillows

  • Trash bags

  • Kitchen hand towels

  • Storage bags

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Set of four silverware, dishes, and glasses

  • Pots, pans & cookware

  • Eating and cooking utensils

  • Bed and Bath – towels, sheets, blankets, shower curtains

  • Rugs

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Trash cans

  • Storage containers

Do you have items to donate? Please call (912) 445-4021 or send email to:


We Need Your

Used car!

Family Promise of Bryan County has implemented a Vehicle Assistance Program for families who successfully graduate our program. Family Promise accepts donated vehicles, repairs them as needed, and gifts them to families who successfully graduate. Families agree to a 12-month program that requires them to make monthly deposits into a Car Fund, so that they may always have the money needed to maintain and operate a vehicle.

If you have a car that you are able to donate, please contact us at

(912) 445-4021 or

Remember – the donation of your vehicle is tax deductible!

*Please note that only vehicles with a clear title may be accepted.